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at Clean Connect .Co cleanliness is very important to us!

In today’s environment, we are all so busy trying to manage our daily duties, and other business needs that sometimes we just do not have the time necessary to clean or to find and re-search for the right Local Maid Service Company or an Insured Local Cleaning Company. That’s why at CleanConnect.CO we can offer you and your business with the opportunity of Farming Out "Posting New Job" opportunities to a Network of Licensed, Insured, and Pre-Screened Building Service Contractors and/or Commercial Cleaning Companies. Who will connect with you fast and securely, via our State-of-the-Art e-commerce platform where you as an user can also review their profiles including past references, business licenses and insurance documents, also see their proposals, start an interview, and hire the right service company to do your cleaning jobs. Does not matter what your situation is: bathroom cleaning or sanitizing, floor or carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or anything else you can think of, like: “hanging a paper dispenser” or “need an extra hand to get the floor waxed and done”. Simply go to get registered is “FREE of Charge” and “Post” your Jobs Now! Visit Clean Connect.CO

At CleanConnect.CO our Mission is: To offer a state-of-the-art e-contact platform and a professional team behind who only focuses on making our members better, our world cleaner, and on keeping our data safe, which in result we trust will create long term Farm Out customers and Farm In member-partners, which means more profits for all.

At CleanConnect.CO we believe that our Environment is No. 1 : We designed our company with the goals of reducing the unnecessary use of copy paper, reduce the time it takes to search for a respectful and professional cleaning company, and also to reduce CO2 by having to use less resources when trying to Find Local Cleaning Jobs.

In addition, as our Corporate commitment for every job we help to Connect and Close Complete we will Donate $1/ TREE via The American Forests


Our Phrasal Verbs:
Farm Out:
1. To send (work, for example) from a central point to be done elsewhere.
2. To turn over (as a job) for performance by another usually under contract.
2. Farm out - (Business / Commerce) to lease/sub-contract to another for a rent or fee the right to operate (a business for profit, land, etc.)
Farm In:
1. Opposite to farm out.
1. These were issued by merchants in payment for goods or services with the agreement that they will be redeemed in goods or services to an equivalent value at the merchants' own outlets.
2. Trade Tokens allow the seller to receive his goods or services at a rate and time convenient to himself and the merchant.
1. Building Service Contractors
2. Cleaning Service Companies
3. Maid Service Companies
4. Facility Maintenance Companies
5. Professional Cleaning Companies