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1.       Is My Information Secure?
Yes, we do not share information with third party companies. Our site posses a secure SSL certificate and we use PAYPAL & GOOGLE CHECKOUT for all our payment process.
2.       Which Information do we collect?
We collect only basic information about your company, in order to automatically match your profile with new job opportunities that maybe available and open in our E-portal. (This is the same information you will have to provide a prospect if and when doing door-to-door calls or when trying to search for any commercial cleaning job)
3.       Do I Need a Credit Card in order to register?
No, registration is FREE of Charge we do not require a CC to register.
4.       Do I have to pay for Registration?
No, we do not charge you for joining our Farm OUT & Farm IN network. However, we may charge for other services, such as:  coins “used when applying for jobs” and for other Janitorial Connection Fees.
5.        When can I Post a Job Opportunity or “FARM OUT” a Job?
You can post a new job opportunity, immediately after your registration.
6.       When can I Find a Job or “FARM IN” for a Job?
You can start looking for new job opportunities, immediately after registration. However, you will not be able to apply for a job until you have updated you company account with documents such as: Copies of Certificate of Insurance, Operational License, and Workers Comp. Insurance.
7.       Can I Farm In or Apply for a New Job without Updating My Account?
You can only apply for a job, after you have properly update your profile account and upload all necessary company information, we reserve the right to close any account that does not meet our request.
8.       For how many Jobs can I Apply?
You can apply “FARM IN” for as many jobs as you like, simple go to your account profile, look for billing, purchase a pack with coins, and start applying for new jobs.
9.       Is There Money Back Guarantee?
No. Our Registration Process is FREE. Also we do not charge your account unless you agree to an interview, and proceed to hire a commercial cleaning company, please know we only charge your account when the job is finished or closed by you. Furthermore, the coins "tokens" used to apply for the jobs in the FARM IN module are not reimbursable. All Trade Tokens "COINS" EXPIRE 12 Months from the Day of Purchase.
10.   Can I Provide FEEDBACK on a company?
You can post feedback on a company, right after you close the job. FARM IN USERS : Please know in order to offer the best service to our customers, If there are more than two bad complaints about the Your Company we reserve all the rights to void and close these accounts. 

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