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Trying to Find a Local Cleaning Service Company who Provides you with Maid Services, Facility Maintenance and Professional Janitorial Clean Services for your Household, Business, Building, Office, Facility, Restaurant, Factory, Hospital, Car, School, College, University, Medical Facility, Hotel Room, Resort, Vacation Home. Need Cleaning Now ? Visit Clean Connect.CO

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Find New Local Cleaning Jobs & Local Maid Services Intro 2014 by CleanConnect.CO from www.Clean-Connect.Com

Explaining, How it Works !

We designed our platform-system to be simple, and forward :

Few Steps to Follow:

You Register: a) End User or Contractor b) Building Service Company

As an End User or Contractor:
You are asked to provide complete and detailed information about this new job you are offering Farm Out.
Your job is than communicated via our E - platform to all BSC companies near you.
These Janitorial Cleaning Companies will than send offerings back to you via our e-contact platform and you can in result screen, interview, and hire the local cleaning service company who best fits your cleaning needs.

As a BSC or Cleaning Company:
You provide us with all your company information, and complete a few forms.
We will qualify this information, to ensure only real professional licensed, and appropriate cleaning companies are registered.
In Order to Farm In or to apply for a NEW JOBS our members must first provide copies of the company Operational License, Certificate of Insurance and Workers Comp. This information is required.
Once verification is complete and your account is activated, and you may start to apply for new local cleaning jobs.

is Fast, Easy, and It Work's !

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